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Glass Backsplash / Glass Walls for Bath & Shower

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of that ugly mold and mildew that builds up in the shower? What about hard water stains on grout? Glasskote solves these problems while providing a beautiful environment that is customized with just the right color.

GlassKote is an ideal surfacing material for shower walls. It can be combined with either frameless shower enclosures or traditional framed designs.

Shower Walls


Shower Walls


Glass Vanity


GlassKote is also popular for bathroom vanity installations (countertop) and for the sink backsplash, tub decks, tub enclosures, tub skirts and feature walls.

In bathroom installations, GlassKote is often combined with one of the popular glass "easy clean" surface treatments such as Diamon Fusion or Clearshield. With these treatments, hard water staining is virtually eliminated and overall maintenance requires nothing more than a squeegee or sponge.

As with all GlassKote applications, the material is easy to keep clean and highly durable.


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