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Glass Interiors for Retail & Restaurants

What are you looking for in a retail or restaurant environment?

Do you want a bright environment? Do you want exciting color and an attractive appearance that pulls people into the space? Do you want something easy to keep care of and long-lasting?

GlassKote provides all of this for the upscale retail or dining establishment.

GlassKote provides an excellent solution for wall cladding, feature walls, backsplashes, ordering areas, showcases, display cabinets, entrances, signage etc.

Food Service



For food service establishments, GlassKote is a bright and hygienic surface. Since glass is non-porous, mold and bacteria don't collect and the surface is easily cleaned.

GlassKote doesn't age the way other materials do, especially in a wet environment. The day of peeling and cracking finishes are over.





Wherever mirror is used, GlassKote offers a much more interesting alternative, and one that is easier to maintain.

Unlike mirror, GlassKote doesn't show every little spec of dust or imperfection. You get the benefit of a reflective surface and high-end glass look without the hassles.



  A butcher counter or food handling surfaces are ideally suited to GlassKote. Splatters and scraps are easily wiped clean.



  GlassKote makes for unique display cabinets and showcases. Windows, logos and other features can be coated right onto the glass.



  Entrances are also enhanced with the depth of color provided by GlassKote - an eye catching way to attract attention.