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DigiKote™ Images for Glass™

GlassKote USA is pleased to introduce a new and exciting decorative glass technology to North America.

The DigiKote process was highlighted at GlassBuild '06 in Las Vegas, NV.

DigiKote is a process to direct print to glass any digital image permanently, in full color photographic quality. The colors meld with the glass and produce an unbelievably exciting visual experience.

DigiKote can be produced fully opaque or with translucency to allow for backlighting.

Unlike other interlayer imaging technologies, the image is direct printed on the glass, resulting in a monolithic piece of glass (no laminate line or delamination problems) and no distortion or defects from interlayers that can move during lamination.

digikote sample 1


The depth of color provided by DigiKote is unmatched. The image literally seems to be part of the glass.


digikote sample 2 


DigiKote can be used to insert corporate identity elements into a GlassKote wall or display.


digikote sample 3 


DigiKote is an excellent solution for exciting signage and advertising. Unlike plastic, glass has a rich beauty that is unaffected by aging.


digikote sample 4 


Please contact us for more information about DigiKote for your applications.