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Glass Countertops

Glass is becoming ever more popular for vanity and kitchen countertops, and there's a reason that high-end designers like glass.

The rich look of glass combined with the hygienic nature of a non-porous surface make for a beautiful and practical surfacing material.

Now GlassKote adds even more with the ability to chose virtually any color along with a myriad of special finishes that really stand out. Combined with textures, the sky is the limit.

GlassKote Vanity


GlassKote can even give you a brushed stainless or metal look through glass that is truly sensational.

Glasskote USA recommends the use of 1/2" tempered glass or 3/4" annealed. In both cases, the glass is extremely strong and safe.

GlassKote is so easy to maintain. Just wipe with a towel or sponge, and it keeps looking beautiful for the life of the bathroom.